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A Simple Premise?

The objective of each level is to match enough gems of the same colour that will allow you to collect the required number of gems, and in some cases an extra amount to earn a star. The coins must be collected in order to count toward your score, and the levels comprise of a mixture of ‘dead' blocks that can serve as either tools or obstacles as well as gems.

The stars are required to unlock access to the final level and progression through to the next world. As you journey through the different worlds, you'll be introduced to new types of blocks, mechanics and even unfriendly ghosts.

So far, it probably sounds simple. Pushcat however, is a game that is much more complex than it would initially seem.

Once I got to the levels that required ‘digging' through destructible blocks (and, coincidentally, gave me a massive hit of Clogger nostalgia), the potential for complexity became obvious. You need to be careful with which blocks you remove, and which way you push the solid ones, as well as gems, to avoid stuffing the level up and having to restart.

The levels will come in three basic flavours. There are those that are clearly designed as brain teasers - created with one solution and very few coins to collect, these are the ones that will require the most thinking and careful planning. They can be fiendishly challenging and will need repeated attempts before you find the correct strategy.

Release Date: 12/01/2015

Available on: PC

Critics Rating: 4.2/5

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  • Occasionally chaotic game design
  • Delightfully crisp pixel art
  • Over 50 proceedurally generated caves
  • A chirpy 8-bit ragtime soundtrack
  • A colour-blind option
  • Slime and rainbows. Every game needs slime and rainbows, right?


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Pushcat is developed by Zut Games.