Petz Countryside Game for PC

Petz Countryside Game
  • Care for and nurture adorable dogs and cats, teach your dog tricks, and enter events
  • Explore and grow your village, go for a walk, discover new locations, and help villagers
  • Interact with a variety of exotic animals, including a lion, tiger, and bear
  • Explore the town and find hidden items for your pets, your home, and your city
  • Exchange exclusive items between games and between friends on the Nintendo 3DS

Release Date: 21/10/2011

Available on: Nintendo 3DS

Critics Rating: 5.0/5

Play the Game

In Petz Countryside, players exchange sandy beaches and venture inland for fields of golden wheat and lush acres of green. Petz Countryside also has 28 dog breeds, six cat breeds, more than 200 in-game collectibles, and exclusive Petz at home on land such as a lion, a tiger, and a bear.

Players with both games can transfer the unique Petz and items between the different titles. Or, players can visit a friend's village with a wireless connection for the opportunity to buy and collect some of items not found in their version of the game.

Key features

  • Care for and nurture adorable dogs and cats: Teach your dog new tricks with the voice recognition system, enter them in events and quests, and train a variety of skills like sniffing and digging. Use the 3DS facial recognition for an even more intimate bonding experience with your favorite Petz.
  • Explore and grow your village: Your town has no shortage of adventures. Go for a walk with your puppies, discover new locations and inhabitants, and meet and help the villagers and their pets in exciting quests. As you progress in the game you will grow your home and the welcome new pets, villagers, and buildings like shops and the petting park.
  • Interact with a variety of exotic animals: As your village grows, build and expand your petting park where you can care for and feed a variety of exotic animals such as penguins, pandas, tigers, and bear cubs. You can even watch your puppy interact with them!
  • Collect items: As you explore the town, find hidden items for your pets, your home, and your city and collect them. You can also collect Encyclopaedia Britannica fun facts about animals, plants, and insects.
  • Inter-connectivity: Exchange exclusive items between games and between friends. Petz on 3DS allows you to visit your friend's home and town with your pet for a play date. If you own both titles, you can visit the other town with your pet. Using the 3DS's Street Pass technology, Petz owners can continue to connect with other Petz owners and exchange photos of your pets.
  • 3DS exclusive features: Thanks to the gyro sensors, swing the 3DS to capture fishes or insects using the net. Augmented reality cards bring your Petz outside of your 3DS so you can play with them anywhere you like.

Play the Game

Petz Countryside is developed by Nintendo.