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A new game from the creators of Nyan Cat: Lost In Space, the most successful Nyan Cat game on the Google Play Store! (until now!

Full gameplay experience for FREE! No game mode limit, no playtime limit!

iTunes reviews (US/UK):

"This is the Best! I friggin love at the Nyan Cat games WOOOOT" by Cutie for all

"even better than the last nyan game the maker of this game is a master well done you clever man / woma" by Craitom

"This Is the best game" by Jellybelly2011

Nyan Cat's rainbow has been stolen by the evil TAC NAYN... It's your mission to help Nyan Cat to collect the stars in all 7 colors of rainbow so that Nyan Cat will be able to fly again!

Be careful, TAC NAYN is watching you...

Release Date: 08/12/2011

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 5.0/5

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  • beautiful graphics
  • 15+ types of different platforms (like twister, teleport, switches, moving, breakble and counting with updates)
  • Wings that save your life
  • TAC NAYN, your arch enemy
  • randomly generated levels, never the same game twice
  • NYAT CAT skins, background themes
  • helps developing fine motor skills
  • no blood, no violence, it's cute
  • Scoreloop support
  • global leaderboard
  • facebook support
  • you can post your high scores to FB


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Nyan Cat Jump is developed by Istom Games Kft..

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