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Do you think that only a bird can flap it's wings and fly? Ask Nyan Cat for the answer in her newest adventure in Flappy Nyan!

From isTom Games, the creators of the famous and succesful Nyan Cat series, comes Tappy Nyan which raises the bar higher than ever! Use your rythm to tap Nyan Cat through her way between the pipes! Use various skins for your favorite cat, and watch her crumble in many funny ways! Listen to our new remixed Nyan music that makes the atmosphere more immersive. If You're looking for a challenge, Tappy Nyan is Your best choice You can make in isTom games's Nyan Cat series!

Release Date: 11/09/2013

Available on: iOS, Tablet, Mobile, Android

App Store Rating: 4.5/5

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Plus Features:

  • Play Nyan cat in the way you never ever will with a bird anymore!
  • Control Tac Nayn BACKWARD on the level!
  • Select from 80 skins your favorite!
  • 12 various Nyan themes!
  • 2 Game Modes (Nyan Cat = normal, Tac Nayn = reversed)!
  • Remixed original Nyan Cat theme song!
  • Leaderboard via Game Center!
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Flappy Nyan is developed by Istom Games Kft..

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